Natural Experimentation and Magic

Ever since I can remember I’ve been an inherently curious person, which made me a natural experimenter. I loved to take things apart and rebuild them. I also enjoyed building things from scratch. I had many interests and experimented with many projects throughout my life. I’ve come to realize that most of them contributed to making me into the person I am today.

My father’s lifetime hobby has always been the art of performance magic. When I was eight, he brought me into his hobby and exposed me to a world of concepts that most people don’t learn in a lifetime. Having to go on stage and present an illusion at age eight was a nerve-wracking experience. Any performance is an art with many parts. As a presenter, you focus not just on yourself, but also what your audience is perceiving. Your perception and your audience’s perception are totally different things. Every individual has different needs and wants, and it was my job to give all of them what they were looking for. Even though I stopped being a performing magician back in my childhood, the lessons I learned became very valuable later in life with conversion rate optimization.

Around the same time I was learning the principles of magic, I was exposed to our first home computer. Because of my keen sense of curiosity, my first thoughts with the computer were how does this work? and what are all the things it can do? I quickly learned almost everything it could do, and even took it apart and put it back together. (My parents didn’t love finding that out. Luckily, it still functioned afterward, and apparently I learned some useful skills.)

A few years later, when I was 11, I made my first business website.

At 13, I took on my first e-commerce client.

From age 13 to 24, I created many different businesses. I spent time as a web programmer, a print and web designer, and was always learning how to be a better entrepreneur. I also studied psychology and learned more about its profound effect on business and marketing. Because of my need to experiment and figure things out, I went from business to business, learning many skills and gaining exposure to many industries along the way. Because of my early exposure to technology, I always had a special knack for understanding the intricate details of the online world.

I’ve been called a “triple threat” because of my skills in web design, coding, and marketing. Most importantly, because of my entrepreneurial experiences and studies in psychology, I came to understand and greatly appreciate how each of these skills plays a role in generating a good return on investment from every effort, both online and offline.

Since then, I’ve built a series of “Core” companies, which fill different needs for different audiences. ConversionCore is a consulting firm that focuses on using my holistic conversion techniques to help mid-to-large-sized companies grow their bottom lines. My other companies include ClickCore (an ROI-focused web development company), AutomationCore, which helps small businesses grow through marketing automation-related products, and a few sideline software companies, which solve different problems for different audiences. One of those software companies was acquired, and became my first seven-figure deal.

It all comes back to psychology and experimentation. I could never have sold that software company or helped grow so many of my clients’ companies without all of lessons and skills I learned through the years. None of that would have been possible without my natural curiosity and need to continually improve existing systems.

The business world is slowly catching on to these conversion techniques, and I hope they will become mainstream someday. For now, I want to give you a serious competitive edge over other companies. At ConversionCore, we don’t just tell you how to perform the magic, as if it were a memorized trick. We utilize the principles behind the magic of conversion rate optimization, the psychology that makes it really work for all kinds of audiences. And just like magic, you’re going to be amazed at what we can do for your company.

Don’t get me wrong; magic is just an analogy here. We’re not trying to trick people into buying your products or signing up for your mailing list! The goal is to put your products and services in the best light, present them at the best angle, so each audience member sees it in the best possible way for them to convert.

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