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Why Web 2.0 Is Often Web Fail.0 and How to Avoid It

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Take Web 2.0 design, for example. Yes, certain elements like rounded corners and 3-D effects can be great, but it seems lately people are overdoing it. Whenever we see a website that is obviously overdoing Web 2.0, we call it Web Fail.0, because that’s what badly done Web 2.0 elements do in testing – they fail to convert.

Why do they fail to convert? It’s mainly because they’re trying too hard...

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How the Right Web Designer Can Help With Increasing Traffic Conversion

If you’ve ever tried to hire a web designer, you know what a wide range of styles and approaches there are to building a simple website. Some want to make it as pretty as possible, with lots of bells and whistles and incorporating the latest trends in color and imagery. Others want to keep it simple, perhaps too simple for your business goals. If your business depends on having a successful website, then you need to make sure you include...

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