Seven Secrets of High Converting Landing Pages – Secret #7

Tap Into Emotional Cues

This is the Big Kahuna of high converting landing pages. Almost no one uses this technique, but it’s incredibly powerful. Human buying behavior has been studied and documented over and over again, and it’s been shown that we all make purchase decisions based on emotions. We rationalize those emotional decisions using logic and facts, but the emotions always come first. So to really convert at a high level, you need to reach those emotions in your text, your design, your photos and videos.

You want the visitor to FEEL something – something that motivates them to take the action you’re recommending.

Now for some offers, it’s easy. Weight loss, insomnia, and legal troubles are all very emotionally charged topics. You can make the person feel angry, embarrassed, superior, jealous, or helpless. Any of these emotions may naturally motivate them to fill out a simple form if it offers a solution. But what about more mundane things like home repair. How could you get people emotionally charged about vinyl siding? There are lots of angles –

  • Vanity – your house will look so good, your neighbors will secretly envy you.
  • Money – save money on heating bills and avoid costly painting every year.
  • Health – protect your family from mold, mildew and other allergens from wood rot.
  • Relationships – your wife will LOVE her new home (just think how grateful she’ll be).

You can build these emotional responses through positive or negative cues depending on what you’re selling and the emotions you want to call on. Anger, jealousy, and fear all work as well as love, joy, and pride – just in different ways. Sometimes you can increase your conversions by flipping from a negative emotion to a positive one, or vice-versa.

Obviously the copy on your landing page will set the emotional tone, but so will your images, fonts, videos, and design elements. They should all work together to bring about the desired emotion. You want people to see themselves as a hero, a rockstar, a savior, if only they’ll fill out your form.

Once you’ve got their emotions hooked, follow up with solid facts and logical conclusions that allow them to rationalize their decision, and you’ll be on your way to higher conversions.


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