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Businesses frequently ignore the shopping cart as a place to improve conversion rates. But shopping cart abandonment is a huge revenue killer for online stores. The idea is to make it as easy and painless as possible for visitors to go through the required steps to make a purchase. Lowering shopping cart abandonment should be a priority for any ecommerce website. After all, you spend a lot of time and money driving traffic with things like social media, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, mobile, video, and other methods. Improving conversion means you’re leveraging all that additional web traffic with each improvement you make. Even just a one percent conversion increase multiplies exponentially across all your traffic streams.

Test usability

You can read all the latest blog posts or online articles about website conversion, but information alone will never improve your results if you don’t test usability throughout your site. Focused testing is the only way to know for sure how your target audience is going to behave on your site.

ConversionCore works with some of the most advanced testing programs available. But you don’t need fancy analytics or split-testing software to run some basic usability testing on your own. Here are two ways you can test quickly and easily.

1) Buy from yourself. You should always become a customer of your own site. After all, if you have a hard time making a purchase, imagine how a stranger will feel. Walk yourself through the process from searching for a product to ordering, checkout and post-checkout procedures. Make a note of any places you get stuck and work to fix them as quickly as possible.

2) Once you think you’ve worked out all the kinks, try giving a stranger a task and watch as they try to complete it. For example, ask them to find and purchase a blue widget in a certain size, and then use a screen recorder to watch as they try to complete the task. Take note of every place they get lost or tripped up. Time how long it takes for them to complete the task. Be sure to thank them – they just gave you priceless data you can use to increase sales on your site.

Test conversion rates

Usability isn’t the only thing that affects conversions on a shopping cart page. Psychology plays an important role, too. The logic for shopping cart conversion is more complex, as there are lots more ways something can go wrong for the user. Conversion rates can be improved by split-testing competing versions of the same page using different text, pictures, layout and graphic design elements, as well as emotional response and psychological motivators. There are several testing platforms to use including Google website optimizer which is free to use. This software will give you a detailed report describing which page performed best. Then it’s your job to make improvements and test again.

Improving your bottom line

When you take advantage of upselling and back-end product marketing the right way, you can make substantially more money from the same number of conversions. Smart marketers promote lots of premium offers, add-on products and services to increase profits. There are lots of ways you can continue selling to your customers – from making sure they can keep shopping with one click, to offering electronic coupons via email, to asking for upgrades during the checkout process. However, you have to walk a thin line between asking for an added purchase and annoying the customer. The ConversionCore method ™ addresses common annoyance factors and usability issues, keeping you on the profitable side of that line.

ConversionCore can help

Conversion rate optimization with ConversionCore experts addresses the key factors for cart abandonment and digs down into the psychology of what makes your customer decide to complete the transaction. Not every visitor to your website is the same. Different demographics and different transactional intentions mean different behavior on your site. When you work with ConversionCore, we get to the heart of your customer base and optimize their shopping cart experience according to their needs and desires.


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