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Before we talk about landing page optimization for lead generation, let’s get a few basic ideas in place first. What is a landing page? It can be any page on your website that a visitor “lands” on from another place online. They might get there by clicking a link, by consulting a search engine, by responding to a Google AdWords or Facebook ad. It’s important to remember people don’t always wind up on your site by going to your home page first.

For online marketing purposes, a landing page is a special page designed to talk to a specific target audience and get them to take a certain desired action. So, if a visitor clicks on your pay-per-click (ppc) ad, you might direct them to a special landing page that matches the ad. There could be a special offer, targeted copy or images; but there should always be a call to action. That action might be for the visitor to call your office, to join your email list or fill out a form.

Landing pages can sometimes be called opt-in or squeeze pages because you’re “squeezing” the user for information or for a sale.

But that’s less common these days. People resent being forced to do anything. So modern landing pages tend to persuade by offering added incentives for taking the desired action.

What is lead generation marketing?

Lead generation marketing has developed into an entire online industry. High level professionals like lawyers, doctors, mortgage brokers and lenders have figured out it’s easier and cheaper to pay an Internet marketer to funnel leads to them than it is to generate those leads themselves. It’s sophisticated outsourcing and those professional marketers who get good at it can make a substantial income. But to get good at it they need an understanding of conversion rate optimization.

How can landing page optimization boost lead generation results?

Lead gen marketers typically spend their time driving as much traffic as they can to a variety of landing pages targeted to a specific consumer or search result. They may use SEO, PPC, social media, blogs, email marketing, videos or other methods to collect the traffic and drive it to the correct sales funnel. The goal is usually to get as many visitors as possible to fill out a web form and submit it. Though sometimes a phone call is the conversion goal. It takes a keen understanding of both web design and marketing psychology to succeed at lead generation marketing, which is why so many new marketers quit after a short time in the business.

Landing page optimization is one of the best ways lead gen marketers can boost conversions and increase revenue. People join the ranks of lead gen marketers thinking they can make easy profits, but soon find out it’s harder than it looks. They need to be experts at two separate skill sets – driving traffic and converting visitors into leads. Those skills require expert graphic design, copywriting and conversion rate optimization techniques. It’s a continual process of refining a page, split-testing it against the current page, implementing the winner, and starting all over again. You’re never really done optimizing your landing pages.

ConversionCore specializes in landing page optimization for a variety of industries. If you’re a lead generation marketer and are interested in learning more about optimization for your landing pages, download our free report or contact us for a consultation today.


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