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High web traffic conversion is the goal for every commercial website, whether your business is selling products, services, memberships or advertising. If you use Google AdWords advertising to drive traffic, you should pay close attention to how well your ads are converting clicks into sales. Conversion rate optimization plays a big roll in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns like AdWords. You want to get the sale, not just the click.

ConversionCore founder, Benji Rabhan, works closely with PPC expert Perry Marshall and has developed a unique perspective on Adwords conversion strategies. Marshall has said our solutions are two to three years ahead of the other conversion companies in the marketplace. That’s because we generate great results for affiliates, Internet marketers, ecommerce sites, and national brands.

Conversion doesn’t stop with the click.

There’s more to PPC conversion rate optimization than just tweaking a single landing page. There’s an entire series of micro-conversions, which start with that first click and may continue through dozens of content pages, opt-in forms, shopping cart pages and more. At any point your visitors could just drop right out of the funnel, and you’ll never see them again. Tracking and split-testing things like headlines, sales copy, and graphic design every step of the way will give you a good idea of where the traffic leaks are. Then the real work begins to plug those leaks and increase conversions.

Contrary to popular opinion, conversion isn’t just about headlines and ad copy. There’s a subtle psychology to conversion from AdWords, too. People who click through from certain ads may behave differently than people who click organic search listings or local listings. So, it’s important to pay attention to where your most profitable traffic is coming from and how you can convert more of it.

When you measure and track all your traffic streams using analytics software and testing tools, you can create an action plan for increasing conversions. Perhaps you could benefit from some less (or more) expensive keywords. Maybe your quality score is being negatively affected by the content on your home page. We’ve developed an entire process for PPC conversion that gets more people clicking for information and ultimately paying for your offer.

ConversionCore improves conversion rates from all kinds of web traffic.

Great online conversion is useless without traffic. And building great traffic is no good without a high conversion rate. That’s why we’re proud to work closely with Perry Marshall to make sure our clients get the best of both worlds – traffic and conversion. Whether you need strategies for improving your pay-per-click ads on Google, Facebook or other search engine platforms, we can refer you to the leading authorities on traffic generation. They’ve proven their methods work over and over again with countless businesses.

Of course, entrepreneurs and corporate brands alike can benefit from conversion rate optimization no matter where their traffic is coming from – PPC, SEO, SEM, mobile, YouTube video, email, social media, banners – any online or offline source. We’ll work with you to reveal the holes in your existing marketing and can help you implement recommendations to consistently improve your conversion rates across the board.

Where’s the ROI?

You’re going to wind up paying for conversion increases one way or another – either with time or money. Can you learn basic conversion rate optimization by reading blog posts, articles, and free ebooks? Possibly. But that’s time consuming and the slowest way to success. First, you have to learn all the theories and latest trends; and then you have to spend even more time applying your newfound knowledge to your site. Many do-it-yourselfers find that one simple change actually hurts their conversion; and they may not even discover that fact until they’ve lost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

At some point you need to weigh the return on your investment. Can you make more money faster by hiring a professional conversion specialist? Absolutely. Not only can we analyze your traffic and find your Adwords profit leaks faster than you can on your own, we can also help you implement our recommendations with professional web developers and copywriters on our team.

Don’t leave your business growth to chance. ConversionCore can guide you to greater success faster than you thought possible.


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