Seven Secrets of High Converting Landing Pages – Secret #3

Demonstrate a Solution

Once people see that you understand their problem, you need to show them you have the solution. Now, you may not want to give away the whole thing on your landing page. After all, you want to collect them into your funnel. But you have to talk about the solution they’re looking for.

  • If the problem is they’re overweight – the solution is “lose weight”
  • If the problem is they can’t sleep – the solution is “fall asleep”
  • If the problem is they have to go to court – the solution is “find a lawyer”

Of course, that’s too simplistic. So you also need to explain why your solution is the one they should choose. There are lots of ways to lose weight, plenty of sleep aids and gobs of lawyers lying around.

What makes you special or unique?

What is your unfair advantage?

Why will they get better or faster results?

In other words, why should they pick you instead of your competitors?

  • Lose weight safely with our registered nutrition counselors.
  • Fall asleep faster with our clinically proven bedtime music.
  • Our lawyers win 98% of the cases they represent.

The solution, the main benefit, should be plain as day. Don’t confuse the visitor with too much information at this point. Just convince them you have what they need, and direct them to your opt-in form, email address, or phone number. Any unnecessary clutter on the page could decrease conversions.


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