Seven Secrets of High Converting Landing Pages – Secret #4

Make the Right Offer

The goal of most landing pages is to get people into your sales funnel. To get there, they have to take a specific action. Either they opt-in to get a free report, a tool, an informational webinar or they call to talk to someone.

An offer can be a great to get them to take that action. But not just any offer – a free (or very low cost) offer that’s directly related to the problem and solution defined on your page. Simply asking them to sign up for your newsletter or email list isn’t going to cut it. Neither is offering them “more information.”

They’re not looking for more information, they’re looking for a solution to their problem.

If you’re selling a weight loss program, your offer should be related to weight loss. Free samples are nice, but not always feasible. Your offer doesn’t have to be exactly what you’re selling. It can be something else the visitor would naturally be interested in – maybe a free calorie counting guide or online food journal. It’s something that will help them even if they don’t buy your products or services right away.

DON’T offer things like:

  • More information about your company
  • Complete details on your products

DO offer things like:

  • Free 20 minute consultation
  • Free report or ebook about their problem
  • Educational webinar about your solution to their problem

An offer that’s really useful to the visitor will entice them to opt-in, even if they don’t buy anything right away. You never know when someone on your list will suddenly become a customer. It might be days from now. It might be years. But if you don’t get them into your funnel, they’ll probably never become a customer.



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