Seven Secrets of High Converting Landing Pages – Secret #5

Give a Clear Call to Action

Even if you have the most amazing offer, totally relevant to your visitor’s problem — even if they really want to sign up — your conversions won’t be as high as they could be if you don’t have a clear call to action.

Don’t assume visitors will figure out to click the button or call the number, you have to ask them to do it, and show them clearly where to do it on the page.

It can also help conversions to state the call to action in terms of the offer. This allows them to mentally “see” themselves doing whatever it is you’re asking, and lets them see themselves getting the results they want.

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Notice these calls to action not only tell the reader what to do, but also when to do it and why. Your call to action can be a headline, a button, a link, a form, or even an image. The important thing is that it’s clear. It directs the reader to take the action now. And it’s easy to see above the fold so they don’t have to scroll down to find it.

Also notice you’re still talking about their problems and your solutions. That’s all they’re interested in. So, stick to the point.



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