Seven Secrets of High Converting Landing Pages – Secret #6

Create Visual Focus

Where does the visitor’s eye go first on your landing pages? It should go wherever you want their attention.

Whatever you want your visitors to do, that’s where the conversion happens. I call it the conversion point. Your conversion point – your goal- is the most important element on your landing page. It could be a big bright button for them to click. It could be a phone number to call, or a web form to fill out. On some web pages, there can be many conversion points. But on a landing page, there should be only one.

The design of the page should highlight the conversion point in some way. That can be blatant, obvious elements like brightly colored arrows, yellow sticky notes or videos that play automatically; or the design can call attention in more subtle ways like using color and contrast, dividing lines, or content layout. The opt-in form can be brighter or the font can be different. You can use lightboxes or tool tips to draw attention, as well.

Whether your conversion point is a form, survey, phone number, or link, it should be the first thing people pay attention to on the page. And the design should draw the eye back to that place over and over again. So there’s no mistaking exactly what you want them to do.





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