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Holistic Conversion Rate Optimization

Even if you already know a good deal about conversion rate optimization (CRO), you’re going to find that ConversionCore approaches things a little differently. Traditional CRO methods focus on optimizing the conversions on individual web pages. They work in isolation, one page at a time. Once they get results for that single page, they move on to the next page. All their efforts are focused on the website, with little regard for what happens off the website.

The problem is no single marketing component works in isolation. Everything affects something else. It’s an entire ecosystem of marketing. When you tinker with one piece by itself, you may have no idea what you’re affecting down the line. A boost in conversion rates on one page might actually hurt the bottom line, if you’re not paying attention to the bigger picture.

At ConversionCore, we developed the concept of Holistic Conversion Rate Optimization (HCRO), which takes the entire marketing ecosystem into account. We like to think in terms of the entire marketing process, including funnels and overall structures. While we do look at individual pages and metrics, we always look at them while simultaneously considering the big picture. In other words, we simultaneously look at what’s happening in the traffic stage as well as the follow-up stage.

The Holistic Conversion Timeline

The traffic stage happens at the beginning of the timeline on the left, then people progress to the website, then there’s a follow up stage. The follow up takes them back to the traffic stage. There may be other steps in between these three major points on the timeline, such as phone calls or direct mail, and the cycle can repeat many times before a conversion occurs.

The ultimate goal should be to lift your overall revenue, even if that means doing something counter-intuitive, such as lowering a certain conversion point. This big-picture or timeline view of CRO is the main reason why we’ve been fortunate enough to have over 90% increases in conversion rates for clients.

Convert Every Click

Another component of HCRO is the concept of trying to convert all the visitors. Traditional CRO typically seeks to optimize for the largest group of people possible. But that still leaves out plenty of people who might convert, if they were presented with a different experience or offering. So, HCRO solves this problem by optimizing the entire business from a customer-centric perspective. We create a unique optimized experience, or as close to it as we can get.

Our Holistic Conversion Pyramid is the foundation.

These core concepts create a framework from which we run tests and improve your bottom line. When we intentionally consider all three parts of the pyramid equally, that’s holistic conversion. There are three components to our holistic strategy:1. Universal conversion logic

This is the psychology behind what makes a red button work on some websites and a green button work on other websites. UCL is why on English websites, you want things to flow left to right, but on Hebrew websites they need to flow right to left. The problem with taking best practices at face value is every site is unique. What worked great for one company might fail miserably for yours.

2. User context

User context combines everything about the people behind the screen: who they are, where they’re from, where they’re sitting, what they know, and what they don’t know. It also includes the setting of the audience and their intention or reason for being on your website. ConversionCore partners with Big Data companies to find out over 1,000 points of qualitative and quantitative data about your visitors. This data helps us create that individualized customer-centric experience that’s so important to boosting your bottom line.

3. Funnel design

A funnel is a theoretical marketing and sales model that describes the process or journey that a prospect takes to becoming a customer. You want to gather a lot of people from a wide variety of sources and send them into the wide top of the funnel. The goal is to get as many people as possible from the top to the bottom. The journey can be a fast-moving freeway, funneling lots of people through easily and efficiently to their destination, or it can be a twisting, winding, barely visible series of trails in a dense forest—full of wrong turns, dead ends, and interesting distractions. The overall effect is lots of people enter, and only some make it out the other side. Unfortunately, many funnels look like Swiss cheese, with gaping holes that leak traffic. In other words, they’re leaking money. The good news is this is where huge opportunities often exist.

ConversionCore is unlike any other conversion rate optimization company you may have come across. Give us a call, and let us show you how Holistic CRO can make a huge difference to your bottom line.


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