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ConversionCore started out as just one man- our founder, Benji Rabhan. He built his first website for a client at the age of 13 and never looked back. The challenge of working with people to create an online presence wasn’t enough, though. He wanted the websites he built to help those businesses to succeed beyond their wildest dreams. So, he researched articles about product marketing, and read through any information he could find about search engine optimization (SEO), traffic analytics, and pay-per-click advertising with Google AdWords (even reading through thousands of comments on blog posts.) His insatiable appetite for knowledge about all aspects of website design and marketing led him to develop resources and techniques of his own. Those methods were specifically designed for one purpose – to improve conversion rates for his clients. He figured the better those sites converted, the more referrals he could count on.

Offering performance-based services was the right thing to do. His clients saw the benefits of testing their landing pages immediately, as more and more visitors entered their funnels and sales increased. He was motivated to experiment with automated software, videos and other new forms of online marketing, too.

Social media marketing was still a crazy pipe dream, and Facebook was just a baby. Only a select few Internet marketers had figured out how to improve conversion rates on their sites. But Benji was already consulting with successful online business owners about how to increase revenues by tracking key metrics and split testing headlines, body copy and graphic design. Plus as a designer, he was able to provide implementation solutions as an integrated service. He became so busy, he established his own agency and focused on high return on investment (ROI) and results-based design.

There’s no substitute for first-hand experience

He learned to improve conversion rates over time by doing the grunt work “in the trenches.” He started many businesses over the years, some succeeded and some didn’t. He has built literally hundreds of websites from scratch, continually improving them as he went along. Over time he kept what worked and abandoned what didn’t until he developed the ConversionCore Method(tm) of conversion rate optimization.

It takes more than changing the color of a few buttons or following stale best practices to convert prospects into customers. Benji’s background in business and psychology, as well as his keen interest in education, fuels his passion for sustained growth and high return on investment. It’s what makes clients seek him out as a consultant. It’s what consistently makes millions of dollars for companies who work with him on a long-term basis.

Benji knew he couldn’t keep this hard-won knowledge to himself, so he created the ConversionCore Method(tm) and began offering it as a separate service to his clients. He was so successful, he started teaching it to a dedicated team of experts. Covering all aspects of online marketing, these experts include graphic designers, software developers, copywriters, and marketers all working together to improve the bottom line for your business.

We focus on a wide range of benefits including:

  • Higher returns on your web design investment
  • Greater visual impact from pictures and illustrations on every page
  • Funnel improvements for bigger email lists and more RSS subscribers
  • Higher conversions on your landing pages
  • Smoother navigation for better user engagement
  • Improved usability for ecommerce shopping carts
  • Improved message relevance for target segments

If you’re looking to improve conversion rates on your website, collect more leads and make more sales,
contact us to learn more about how we can put the power of ConversionCore to work for you today.


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